Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun in Frankfurt

We are here in Frankfurt this week. JP is on a business trip and I decided to join him, instead of sit home alone like I did all last week. We are having a great time. There are colleagues of JP's here from different parts of Germany and from Paris.
     I got to meet the Parisians last weekend when they came to visit us there for the weekend. We had a great time with them.

     Here are some pictures from this last weekend until last night.
In chronological order.

Friday Night...
We went to a wine tasting with friends in Furth.
There we met 2 couples, other Americans, and decided to go get a drink somewhere with them.
Walking to the bar JP took this beautiful picture of the sky.

First we went to this small little bar. It seemed like everyone there was a regular and EVERYONE, including the owner, was wasted and singing German songs.
It was fun, but we only stayed there for one drink before we moved on to the next place.
We ended the night at a place called Strohalm. These are our new American friends.

Saturday Night...
The French visitors arrived around 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. We went to lunch and then hung out at the house until it was time to go to dinner. 

Our walk to dinner.

At dinner, playing with the camera. 

This is the house specialty. First he scrapes off some of the parmagian from the middle of the wheel and cuts it up into small pieces. Then they bring the noodles out still hot in the pan and dump them into the cheese bowl. The cheese he cut up melts all over the pasta, which is then plated and given to you with the sauce on the side. Oh, man, it is delicious!
Before the pasta was put in.
Then we went for drinks at a local pub, and met up with a friend from Erlangen.
JP with said friend.

Sunday Day...
On the way to Nurnberg we stopped by the office here in Erlangen to show the Frenchies.
A picture from in front of the building.
In Nurnberg we got some lunch and then walked around the city and up to the castle.
A view from inside the restaurant.
The fountain in the main city square. 
Turning the ring for good luck at the fountain.
Another building in the city square. 

One side of the castle.
The other side.

Views from the top...

All of us on the top of the city.

All of these pictures were taken yesterday, Wednesday, March 4th.

Some Art Deco in downtown Frankfurt, who would have guessed?
Picturesque buildings in a town square. 
There were beautiful old, what had once upon a time been, houses on the river. They are all museums now.
It was a beautiful day. 

At night,
We went out for some dancing...
and obviously some drinking.
I was saying, "Everybody clap your hands!" Crisscross!

The end of a very fun night!

That was a lot of pictures, I know. I made some of them bigger so that you can either see the people better or the pretty details.

I hope everyone has had as great of a weekend and beginning of their week!


  1. So cool Andi! Love your hair like that by the way-it looks awesome.
    What kind of music do they play in the clubs there?

    That melty cheese pasta??? SWOON!!!!!

  2. They play a funny mix of music here. You find out what was popular everywhere as apposed to just in the US. They mix everything into techno-style music, of course. The other night they started playing Run Around Sue, like from the 60's. It was so funny. There is also a lot of German hip hop that is pretty catchy. I have no idea what they are saying but, ehh, that doesn't matter too much. LOL
    Thanks, I am really enjoying having my hair so long. It almost as long as I want it.

  3. That city looks amazing! And the cheesy, fresh pasta would be very dangerous for me:) Looks like you guys are having a ball.

  4. Ah I'm so jealous :) My best friend lives in Frankfurt.

    p.s. I just replied on other Andi's blog about the hair :)